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Cap d'Antibes - Pelican Bay Naples Update

Hello Naples Friends!

I know so many of you have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the launch of Cap d'Antibes, the last high-rise to be constructed in Pelican Bay Naples Florida. Well it's not happening today either. The launch of this much anticipated building is still being kept under wraps. While rumors suggest the launch won't happen for several years out, the "guy in charge" says they may start taking reservations next season (although he said that in a tone of voice that suggests he's said that before and doesn't really think it's going to happen then either). So I pulled out my best investigative skills to see if I could find out any more details...this is basically how the conversation went:

Me - Didn't you told me last year you were launching last season?

Him - I did but we decided not to.

Me - I poked around on the internet to see if I could find anything and I found the site for it...please tell me they aren't staying with the original concept that was designed 100 years ago.

Him - No they're not. In fact all the photos on that site are the old concept...even the photo they used in the Pelican Bay Post was old. (Found on pg. 11 of the August 2014 issue)

Me - Please tell me they're not doing an old world design interior.

Him - I'm not telling you anything because we don't want anything to leak to our competitors.

Me - What competitors? This is the last site in Naples.

Him - Yeah but this concept is SO FANTASTIC we don't want our competition catching wind of anything.

Me - Oh that's awesome! What competition?

Him - Well we have competitors in Bonita.

Me - Uhm...Bonita is not Naples.

Him - We're not sharing anything because we don't want anything to leak out.

Me - Please tell me you changed the floor plans.

Him - We did.

Me - Ok great! I'll be right over to take a look at the plans (Just kidding after all that static do you think he was going to let me look at the plans regardless of how insightful my feed back would've been? Come on!)

They did just pass through the Pelican Bay Foundation as far as their plan is concerned and yes there are going to be two buildings, Cap d'Antibes and Cote d'Azure featuring 88 units and totaling 176 units.

So as I mentioned in my summary...this isn't the update you were probably hoping for which means if you want to buy a new Naples condo now or next season you are OUT OF LUCK AGAIN!

Naples condo inventories are so low it's almost stupid but I've compiled a list of buildings you might want to check out!


Here are the best Naples condo alternatives:

If money is not object:

Regent at Park Shore

Regent at Park Shore is the best Naples high rise building.  This is my favorite building on the sand!

Enclave at Park Shore is my 3rd favorite building.  What happened to #2? There's nothing on the market there.

In fact for super high end, that's all there is to report unless you want to check out Season's at Naples Cay. You should probably call me direct before.

Do you prefer Pelican Bay condos?

There is 1 Bay Colony beachfront on the market right now.  Did I mention I can put you on an up to the minute MLS new listing update feed so you can see what hits the market at the moment it hits?

There's several for sale in Trieste at Bay usual.

There is what I think a terrific Bay Colony deal right now.

There's another BIG unit on Pelican Bay Blvd.  but I have strong thoughts about the limit one should spend on the Blvd. There are big reasons for that and you can call me direct to hear them.

If location is not an issue for you, you might check out Aqua Naples...that is one of our newest buildings (2008) It is a pretty cool building but a large portion of my clientele didn't like being so far away from everything.

Ok, well like I said, not much to choose from but if you (like many of my other clients right now) know what you want and would like to be updated when Naples condo units you like hit the market (so at least you have a fighting chance in getting it), call or email me direct and I'll put you on a VIP alert!

Serving my purpose through content rich informaton about Naples, Florida real estate!

Best Regards!

Naples Real Estate

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!

“The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of John R. Wood Realtors.”


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